The tagline for the event was “It’s the territory that makes the difference”; the implementation of the geowinery map was officialized, which is a complete zonation of the large Chianti Classico territory, divided in 11 sub-zones, with precise references to the morphology of the soils, the exposition, the geology and all the other related aspects. All the work is the result of the collaboration with Prof. Simone Priori, from the Tuscia University, and with the “vineyard walker”, the worldwide known cartographer Alessandro Masnaghetti.

Another important news has been the adoption of a new app by which the consumer can order their wines directly from the sommelier, through their phones or their computer. The first available sommelier picks up the order, takes the wine and brings it to the place of whoever made the request. This app must definitely be improved, but at least it saved some walking for the sommeliers. In this occasion the service was way quicker, but we have to remember that fewer people were attending the event. From the two days of tasting we could observe the generosity of the 2019 vintage, surely the best one among the lasts for its body, finesse, and the completeness of the sip. The other vintages, compared to this one, seemed to have a thinner sip, with unbalanced acidity and not yet ready tannins.

We have often found very volatile parfumes: some wines with bad aromas, which were luckily lasting for few seconds, and others with excellent aromas that were disappearing immediately.

Tuscany previews: the Chianti Classico