tenuta campomaggio


the village

The property stands on a hill, on the top of which there is the village of Campomaggio, dominated by an eighteenth-century manor house.


The production area of Campomaggio is one of the most vocated areas of Chianti Classico, whose denomination is well-known worldwide.

more than 120 hectares

The property

historic vineyards

The historic vineyards, which were just over 25 hectares, have all been progressively replaced since 1990 when the property passed to the Castellani family.

area under vine

Over the years new vineyards have been purchased bringing the total area under vine to 32 hectares.In 2016 a new Sangiovese plant was made for a total of 3.5 hectares, and the operation was completed in spring 2021.


The vineyards are located at an average altitude between 280 and 480 metres a.s.l. The soil is medium-textured, chalky-clay rich in rock and stone deriving from the disintegration of rocks : “galestro and alberese”.


The main grape variety is Sangiovese, which represents 85% of the total production, while the remaining 15% is made up of Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

the production

The current production is about 100.000 bottles and it is mainly allocated for the foreign market like USA, Asia and Northern Europe while a small part is for the domestic market.


Chianti Classico DOCG and Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva.


chianti classico docg

Bright ruby ​​red color; the nose shows fruity aromas of fresh black cherries and nuances of small red fruits. Light aromas of violet and marked balsamic notes. The palate shows an excellent acidity and a savory finish. Well integrated young tannins, the sip is agile and prolonged. A wine that can be enjoyed immediately with a medium-long aging potential.



chianti classico riserva docg

Deep ruby ​​red color, light tertiary hints of chocolate, sweet spices and cloves. Then come the notes of blood orange closing with powerful fruity plum. Light earthy and inky hints. On the palate it is generous and deep, with well balanced acidity and savory. The young and crunchy tannins make us imagine their evolution. The aftertaste has a balsamic return making the wine fresh and elegant


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roots,heart and wings

Today the Campomaggio Estate is led by Cecilia Castellani, who has been a member of Castellani S.p.A.’s board of directors for years.

Cecilia arrives bringing her external vision, an overall approach and a new and determined attitude.

«Since 2016 with our staff we have started an effective evaluation of the soils of the estate and we started the vinification in plots. It has been a complex process that finally brought out the enormous potential of this Estate, which is now ready to demonstrate the greatness of the land on which it stands. We have also expanded our enological consultancy and started a renewal process of the cellar».

the rebirth of Tenuta Campomaggio

the three main axes

The very deep roots are the ones of a family whose mission has always been wine-making, almost an inexhaustible flame that has been burning for over a century and that shows no sign of extinguishing. The heart is represented by all the men and women who work there, who invest and believe in the development of the Estate. The new Castellani generation are the wings that are ready to give their own contribution to the flight towards the future.

«The destiny of this project is deeply tied to the balance between respect for the past, the current desire to innovate and the confidence to the future».