Tommaso Bonuccelli

Sales Manager

Cecilia Castellani



The new life of Tenuta di Campomaggio begins with the mind, heart and hands of those who know how to look at things from a different perspective. A project that aims to fulfill the vocation for excellence of a mythical territory like the one of Chianti Classico changing a small property, which is part of that myth, into a quality jewel. The mind, heart and hands of the project are those of a young man and his mother, both with strong roots in the world of wine, who thanks to their respective training are able to bring different visions and sensibilities: Tommaso, a graduate in Business Administration, and Cecilia Castellani, a doctor with a specialization in gynecology, have decided to make Tenuta Campomaggio the present and the future of the family business.

Wine flows from the slopes of Tommaso and Cecilia’s histories. A long and glorious family tradition that started at the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to the wisdom of grandfather Duilio and the resourcefulness of grandmother Tina. History and tradition are the framework of Tommaso and Cecilia’s love for viticulture and wine, which begins from their childhood spent among the family estates.

Since 2016 Tommaso and Cecilia have decided to embark on a new oenological project with the aim of expressing the estate’s potential: “We have implemented, thanks to the contribution of Pedro Parra, one of the leading experts in precision viticulture, a careful assessment of the estate’s soils. With the valuable guidance of Attilio Pagli we have begun to take care of the grape harvest by respecting the opportunities that each harvest presents, and to experiment new winemaking techniques that will allow us to express the natural potential of our Sangiovese.”