Estate History

The history of the Tenuta di Campomaggio has its roots in a myth that begins in the Etruscan era, when the people who lived in the Chianti area abandoned pastoralism for agriculture and in particular viticulture. This is where an epic originates bringing this piece of land between Siena and Florence to be known in the world as the cradle of wine. The territory of Radda in Chianti is its epicenter, the engine of the Lega del Chianti that will be established in the Middle Ages. In this period the historic noble families lay the foundations for the construction of a brand with a timeless reputation.

It takes a few centuries for a village to be erected on the top of a hill immersed in this prestigious countryside, a few kilometers North of Radda in Chianti. Campomaggio was born in the early 1700s with a splendid manor house. Surrounded by woods and vineyards as far as the eye can see, in a perfect balance between man and nature, agriculture and respect for the territory. In the twentieth century the Sedelmayer family bought the estate and formalized the production of wine – which already exists – creating the first Tenuta di Campomaggio labels.
The change of ownership came in 1990 when it was acquired by Castellani S.p.A.


It all begins in Valdera, in Santa Lucia in the municipality of Pontedera. Here Duilio Castellani together with his wife Tina founded a winery at the beginning of the century. The company goes through the dark years of the great wars and presents itself on the threshold of the economic boom ready to take off. The impulse comes from their children: Giorgio and Roberto. Giorgio is a volcanic man and extremely dynamic, with a technical education. Roberto is a lover of travel and languages, curious and equally dynamic, but with a humanistic education. Thanks to both of them an expansion process begins, based on two cornerstones: acquisition of new properties and opening on new international markets where to export, from China to the United States.
For three decades, the estate prospered thanks to the efforts of Giorgio Castellani. Until he was succeeded firstly by Cecilia, Roberto’s daughter, then by Tommaso, the grandson, who were already members of the company’s board of directors.


The very deep roots are the ones of a family whose mission has always been wine-making, almost an inexhaustible flame that has been burning for over a century and that shows no sign of extinguishing. The heart is represented by all the men and women who work there, who invest and believe in the development of the Estate. The new Castellani generation are the wings that are ready to give their own contribution to the flight towards the future.

From lh : Roberto, Matteo, Giorgio, Giacomo, Piergiorgio, Elena e Tommaso.